Johnny Houghton

Johnny Houghton 1905 – 1984 was John’s second cousin once removed and a fire man during WW2. He starred in the Film


Johnny Houghton


Fires Were Started (1943) is a British Film written and directed by Humphrey Jennings, filmed in documentary style showing the lives of firefighters through the Blitz in WW2.

The film uses actual firefighters (including Cyril Demarne) rather than professional actors.The film is about a new man joins the civilian firefighters at a London unit during the Second World War. He meets his fellow firemen and fire women, manages to enjoy some leisure time with them, and then goes on his first mission with the crew as it attempts to save an explosives warehouse on Trinidad Street near the London docks. it blends observation with fictional reconstruction to achieve a particularly poignant kind of propaganda.

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