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Arts Together – Bringing arts and creativity to older people in Wiltshire

Charles Woodford 2005

Charles’s last performance age 96

After continued requests, we managed to raise the funds to hold an annual get together for all the groups. This took place in the summer of 2005 at the recently refurbished and elegant Devizes town hall.

Charles Woodford gave his first public performance for many years.

Charles had been a professional musician playing with many orchestras, but sold his cello some years back, believing that he was too old to continue.

Recently however, at the age of 96, with the support of the Arts Together group, he had purchased a new cello and started regular practice, bringing his cello to the group sessions.

It gave Charles and the whole of Arts Together great pride and pleasure to hear Charles’s music and to see him filmed for the BBC news program. This is particularly sad as Charles died later that year and is greatly missed by all.

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