Potter and Nash Family Memories

Information courtesy of David James

Rachel Fanny Nash 1859-1941

Rachel Fanny Nash

Rachel Fanny Nash

Rachel Fanny Robinson is an interesting person. My Mum tells me that, before she married Charles Nash, she spent some time in what was then Malaya as a nanny or governess, presumably to an ex-pat family.

 She used to sing some of the nursery rhymes she learned there to my Mum when she was small.

 There was the impression from either the Robinson or Phelps families that she married beneath her when she married Charles. More than that I don’t know as I’m not aware of the occupations or social standing of either family.

My mother Marcia, her mother Violet Frances, and Rachel (and I think at least one of my mother’s other sisters) were evacuated to Tring in Herts during the war.

The accommodation was a bit basic, and I believe that Marcia, Violet and Rachel shared a bedroom. Rachel was quite ill while they were there and died in her sleep one night in 1941

It was just the other day that I was chatting to my Mum, who is 89, and trying to get some information about her grandmother. This was Rachel Fanny Nash, nee Robinson. Rachel lived with her daughter Violet Frances, and Violet’s children after the death of her husband Charles Nash. My Mum, Marcia Doreen Lily James, nee Potter, remembers her Gran well, and in fact says that Rachel contributed more to her upbringing than her mother Violet! My Mum was there the night that Rachel died in 1941, and was extremely close to her Gran.

Dulcie Potter 1920-1983 

Dulcie Potter

Dulcie Potter

Dulcie is a bit of a mystery to me – I don’t know who was credited with being her father –

but James Septimus Potter is named as Marcia’s father, even though he was killed in Flanders in 1917!! Must have been the longest pregnancy ever!

 In fact, Marcia suspects very strongly that her natural father is a man who was a builder from Hackney, with whom her mother had an affair.


Charles Potter 1914-1977 

Charles Potter

Charle Potter

Charles is very interesting. He was a very bright child and worked very hard at school.

He married Freda in 1941. They had one child, Jacqueline. The family moved to Caracas in Venezuela in 1956, where I believe Charles had a very senior position with an insurance company.

In recent years, Freda Potter, Jackie (Bertolotto) and the extended family relocated to Shoreline, near Seattle, as things were pretty unstable in Caracas.

A bit more information for you regarding the Runnalls family. My Mum remembers going to Benedictine Road in Coventry, and your uncles Tom and Alan, whom she knew as Derek.

 She also remembers her Uncle Jim coming down to  visit on his motorcycle combination.

 Lily Nash 1895-1963 


Lily Nash

My own memories of Lily is when she was married to John Loudwill and lived in Barnstable.

We as a family went for summer vacations and remember playing on the beach.

One day a box of day old chicks appeared and Rosemary and I were fascinated with the little balls of fluffy feathers. 

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