Woodford and Wormleighton Ltd

Story Courtesy of Gerry Woodford


The Hansom Cab Inn formally The Champion Inn


I remember being told that my grandfather John Henry Woodford (the one in the family photo) started business by a acquiring a knitting machine to knit balaclava helmets for our troops in the Crimean war. The interesting bit is that I understand that this work was done in a room over a pub in Leicester. Could it have been the Champion Inn where your grandfather lived in 1881, I wonder? Anyway that was the start of Woodford & Wormleighton, It later floated on the stock market as Woodfords Ltd., and was finally taken over by Nottingham Manufacturing.

At the same time John Henry Woodford used to play the piccolo in the orchestra each evening at the Opera House in Silver Street. The musical connection!

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