Woodford And Wakefield Photos

WOODFORD and Wakefield

A collection of photos from the Woodford Family album, some of which were donated by family relatives and friends.

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  • David Lonsdale:

    Following Up from my Previous Note, It may be of interest to you that from Cecily Gage in Yout Tree ancestory with very doubt can be traced back to William the Conc, Alfred the Great, the Kings of France,the early Kings of Scotland, Valadamir the great and others. The Gage family are well documented one from the another branch of the family being the Englisk Commander at the Battle of Yorktown which saw US independance.
    Another item of Interest relates to Mary Ragsdale she was actually born Quincy and her line can be traced to the Sahar de Quincy who is credited with writing the final version of the Magna Charter.She is also related to a common ancestor of President John Quincy Adams. The Ragsdale family no a blood line had close relations who emigrated to Jamestown their son a baby at the time the only person to servive the attack of Jamestown by the indians.

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